India - Delhi Weather Forecast

India with its diverse topography has varying climatic conditions across its breadth. In most places, except the hills and some places in the Deccan plateau, the summer months from May to August can be very oppressive. Temperatures are known to soar above 40° Celsius in the north of India. The north also has very cold winters. In the south, however, temperatures are not too extreme though winters are definitely cooler than the summers. The southern states have the best weather conditions from November to January. Travel to India does involved doing some research on the weather you should expect when you are there.

The country gets a respite from the hot and dry summers with the onset of the monsoons. When the weather in India heats up during summer, the moisture laden winds from the Indian Ocean make its way to the subcontinent. They are drawn towards the Himalayan region, which acts as a wall to the winds. Because of the topology, winds come from the Arabian Sea as well as the Bay of Bengal into the Indian subcontinent. The south-west monsoon lasts from June through September while the north-east monsoon appears between October and December. Despite its torrential nature, the monsoon is a welcome sight in India as most of the Indian economy is heavily dependent on it. And the fresh, glistening landscape after a downpour is worth it all!

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Aug 20
Hi:  33°C
Lo:  27°C
Aug 21
Hi:  34°C
Lo:  27°C
Aug 22
Hi:  30°C
Lo:  27°C
Aug 23
Hi:  33°C
Lo:  25°C
Aug 24
Hi:  33°C
Lo:  28°C
Aug 25
Hi:  32°C
Lo:  27°C