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Check out the exciting events, festivals and cultural celebrations in India that occur all year round. Click on one of our destinations below to see whats happening locally!

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Karthigai Deepam
Place: Chennai  (01 Nov 2018 - 30 Nov 2018 )

Kaarthigai Deepam is a festival of lights, celebrated in the Tamil month of Kaarthigai. It is celebrated on the full moon of the month which coincides with the Krithikai star. 

Kagyed Dance
Place: Old Rumtek, Lingdum and Phodong Monasteries  (12 Dec 2018 )

Kagyed Dance is a popular Chaam dance of Sikkim performed at the years end. The themes for the Chaam are normally taken from Buddhist mythology, symbolizing the destruction of evil forces and restoration of peace.

Enchey Chaam
Place: Enchey Monastery  (12 Dec 2018 )

Enchey Monastery performs the annual Detor Chaamdance in the month of December.

Place: Tsu-La-Khang, Phodong and Rumtek Monasteries  (14 Dec 2018 - 17 Dec 2018 )

Losoong festival is celebrated to mark the end of harvest season and the year.

Music Festival
Place: Chennai  (15 Dec 2018 - 15 Jan 2019 )

The Chennai music and dance festival is a celebration of classical music and dance of South India held during mid December to mid January in the capital city of Chennai.

Dance Festival
Place: Mamallapuram , Chennai  (01 Jan 2019 - 15 Feb 2019 )

This annual dance festival is performed on an open-air 'stage' created 13 centuries ago and against the backdrop of the incredible monolithic rock sculptures of the Pallavas in the city of Mamallapuram. 

Place: Chennai  (12 Jan 2019 - 15 Jan 2019 )

Originally in Tamil Nadu, Pongal is one of the most significant festivals of the region celebrated to honor a good harvest and to rejoice in prosperity.

Guthor Chaam
Place: Rumtek Monastery and Pemayangtse Monastery  (09 Feb 2019 )

Cham Dance is a visual delight because it incorporates elaborate and colourful costumes, choreographed dance movements and a very catchy storyline.

Place: Sikkim  (11 Feb 2019 )

Losar is the Tibetan New Year, which is also shared by the Sikkimese.

Arubathimoovar Festival
Place: Chennai  (01 Mar 2019 - 30 Apr 2019 )

Arubathimoovar refers to the 63 saints of Shiva canonized for leading exemplary lives of devotion and penance. Annually, the 63 bronze figures that adorn Kapalizwar Temple are carried through Mylapore.

Place: Tashiding Monastery  (19 Mar 2019 - 20 Mar 2019 )

Bhumchu is a yearly festival in Sikkim held at Tashiding Monastery. What makes the festival intriguing is that it still lives in the ancient history.

Kavadi Festival
Place: Chennai  (01 Apr 2019 - 31 May 2019 )

Dancing in a hypnotic trance to the rhythm of drums, devotees of Muruga carry the 'Kavadi' a flower-decked decoration, all the way up the Palani Hills to fulfill their vow. 

Tamil New Year or Puthandu
Place: Chennai  (13 Apr 2019 - 14 Apr 2019 )

'Puthandu' popularly known as 'Varusha Pirappu', marks the beginning of the Dravidian New Year in the State of Tamil Nadu

Summer Festival
Place: Chennai  (01 May 2019 - 30 Jun 2019 )

The Summer Festival of Tamil Nadu is one of the most popular events in the region. It is held on hill stations of like Kodailkanal, Yercaud, Yelagiri Hills and Udhagamandalam.

Saga Dawa
Place: Gangtok  (15 Jun 2019 )

Saga Dawa is the threefold festival that celebrates the birth, death and nirvana of Lord Buddha and is also considered the holiest day for Mahayana Buddhist.

Kanthuri Festival
Place: Chennai  (01 Jul 2019 - 31 Aug 2019 )

The Kanthuri Festival is held at Tamil Nadu's Shrine of Saint Quadirwali. One of the saint's descendent is chosen as spiritual leader of the celebration; they are then honored by the devotees.

Bhanu Jayanti
Place: Sikkim  (13 Jul 2019 )

Bhanu Jayanti marks the birth of the most revered Napalese poet, Bhanu Bhakta.

Drukpa Tseshi
Place: Muguthang  (03 Aug 2019 )

Drukpa Tseshi is an important day to the Buddhist for it marks the day when Lord Buddha turned the ‘Wheel of Dharma’.

Nehru trophy snake boat race
Place: Aleppy  (14 Aug 2019 )

This famous race takes place in August every year, in Vembanad Lake to the east of Aleppy town - 60km from Cochin.

Phang Lhabsol
Place: Pemayangtse Monastery  (31 Aug 2019 )

The festival of Phang Lhabsol is unique to Sikkim. The festival is dedicated to Mt Kanchendzonga, the guardian deity of Sikkim and to the Treaty of Brotherhood signed between the Lepchas and the Bhutias.

Velankanni Festival
Place: Chennai  (08 Sep 2019 - 09 Sep 2019 )

The celebration of this feast is an annual festival which lasts for 9 days and draws more than a million and a half pilgrims. 

Biswakarma Puja
Place: Gangtok  (17 Sep 2019 )

Biswakarma Puja is celebrated in the honour of Lord Vishwa Karma - the God of Machines.

Place: Chennai  (14 Oct 2019 - 22 Oct 2019 )

Navarathri (nine nights) is one of the greatest festivals of India when God is worshiped in the form of Mother. This is a period of introspection and purification.

Dasain or Durga Puja
Place: Sikkim  (16 Oct 2019 - 24 Oct 2019 )

Dasain is the most important festival for the Nepalese Hindu of Sikkim. The festival marks the victory of good over evil, when Goddess Durga defeated evil Mahisura.